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16 Questions For Your DJ or Band | Richmond, VA Wedding and Event Planner



Today is the final installment of our ‘Questions’ series! We’re discussing what you need to know about your DJ or band before you sign the contract.

  1. Are you available on my event date?
  2. How long have you been in business?
  3. How long have you been performing together? If speaking with a band.
  4. How many events will you perform in a weekend?
  5. What events do you typically perform for? It’s important to make sure your DJ or band has a lot of experience playing for your type of event.  A great wedding DJ may not necessarily make a great bar or bat mitzvah DJ.
  6. Do you perform at more than one event per day? This is just to check if they will be rushed to get to your event or rushed to leave.
  7. Can we extend your end time on the day of the event? What is the cost?  
  8. What makes you different from other DJ’s/bands?
  9. References?
  10. How extensive is your song list? What genres can you cover? Will their songs go along with the genres you’re looking for and the style of your wedding?
  11. Do you have a backup or replacement plan if someone has an emergency and can’t make my wedding?
  12. Do you have backup equipment in case of a malfunction?
  13. Will you also act as the “emcee”? What’s your announcing style?
  14. What is included in the price? This is an important question if you have a separate ceremony and reception site and you need your DJ or band to travel from one to the other.
  15. Are there any additional fees we have not discussed?
  16. Can you provide microphones for speakers and event participants?

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