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One of our favorite historic venues, Seven Springs Farm, is situated on 107 acres in Prince William Co, just 20 miles outside of Richmond. The main brick house was built around 1725 by the Dabney’s, a prominent Virginia family. In the 1980’s the main house was registered as a historical site. It was then restored and expanded by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. It was a private residence until 2015, when they opened their doors to the public for weddings, weekend retreats, and farm-to-table dinners.



One of the five fireplaces in the Manor House


The Manor House

This is the main house that was built nearly 300 years ago. It boasts five grand fireplaces (for visual effect only), a tavern and three guest bedrooms. The Manor House is a great choice for cocktail hour. Guests can flow from one room to the other and take in the beauty of this historical home.

The Honeymoon Cottage

This is where you and your sweetheart can relax and unwind after your special day. The cottage also contains the largest kitchen on the property and a cozy lounge. You have views of the entire grounds from the upstairs windows.

The Guest House

This is a popular spot for bridal parties. It can sleep up to 10 guests and would be the perfect place to get ready for your big day with your bridesmaids. It also has a kitchen and full vanity mirror with tons of natural light. Great for those “getting ready” photos!


One of the most unique features of this venue is their Hog Island sheep! Hog Island was situated off the coast of Virginia. After being hit by hurricane after hurricane residents decided to move inland. Unbenounced to anyone else, they left their sheep behind. Since sheep are not known to be the brightest animals it was a sweet surprise to find feral sheep on the island many years later. These are also heritage sheep, which means they are native to Virginia. Only a handful of historical sites around the Commonwealth have and breed these sheep, Seven Springs is one of them. The sheep can also attend your big day! They are very friendly and docile animals that would add a fun element to your cocktail hour. You can also use the sheep in your wedding pictures, if you choose to.


The venue itself is a perfect blank canvas. It can be personalized to your wedding style while also showcasing the beauty of the Virginia countryside.

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