Your Wedding Photographer is Your Friend: The importance of forming a friendship with one of the most important vendors of the day. By Laura Matthews


He proposes. You wholeheartedly exclaim, “Yes!” You set a date, find a venue, and start searching for vendors. One of the first for couples is a wedding photographer. You scour Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, and websites to find artists work you adore. While pricing and portfolio is certainly important, there are many factors you must think about when choosing the right photographer for the job.

laura matthews photography1My first step after an inquiry is to meet face to face with the bride and groom. My goal for that meeting is not only to discuss the plans for the wedding day and your photography desires, but to see if we connect on a personal level. I’m a sentimental, casual gal with a slightly witty sense of humor. Those characteristics may not always jive with my client’s personality, and that’s completely okay! But the magic happens when we find ourselves laughing, telling stories, and finding things we have in common. Your photographer will be by your side the entire wedding day and capturing all the elements that make your wedding truly YOURS. Hiring a photographer who not only has talent, but one you connect with and can imagine as a friend, will make all the difference in your images.

Your wedding photographer will hopefully do a number of things to develop your friendship once you know you’re a good fit to work together and the contract is signed. One of the first ways is through an engagement session. While not all couples feel they need an engagement session, it’s a fabulous idea! Think of your engagement session as a “wedding day photography warm up” and a great date night snuggling on your fiancé. An engagement session gives you a chance to get acquainted with your photographer’s style of shooting and how they work behind the camera. This will not only make you pros on the wedding day, but also save time since you know what to expect. Many photographers include an engagement session in their collections,
so it’s a no brainer!

Sharing details with your photographer as your wedding plans unfold is important. Nothing gets me more excited than to receive a text message with pictures of THE dress or your cake design! Personally, I also want to know how I can help. Most seasoned wedding photographers have an arsenal of ideas, solutions, and trusted vendors. Enlist your photographer’s help and take advantage of their vast knowledge.

laura matthews 2From the time of signing the contract to image delivery, your photographer should be as fully invested in you as you have in them. Choose and artist with a working friendship in mind and your wedding photography experience will be all the more rewarding. Promise!

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Laura Matthews is sentimental wedding photographer based in Glen Allen, VA.

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